The 2009 World Environment Day, for your needs!
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When we the sky no longer blue, when the ground under our feet no longer fertile, when we found every day in the air is no longer pure gas ... ... Is it right? Can see light suddenly as aware of this earth we live in homes, there are all kinds of environmental crisis? In June 5th thirty-eighth World Environment Day is approaching, the United Nations Environment Programme to establish this year World Environment Day theme of " earth needs you: to unite to address climate change ( Your planet needs YOU! Unite to combat climate change )". China's Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the world environment day Chinese theme is" to reduce the pollution of action".
Facing the worsening environment of the earth, what should we do? And what can be done? In fact, for each of us, protect environment is often lift a finger things, such as saving water and electricity, the use of recycled paper, buy green environmental protection appliances ... ... Through the relevant departments of the guide, we can see clearly that: to protect the earth, we are in action. When his force into a mass of energy, when we join hands together to protect our living home, our eyes will be the blue sky, nose smell will be fresh air ... ...
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