2012 New Year speech
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Bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year as the new year begins, everything looks fresh and gay.
Unforgettable 2011we walked together, the new 2012be arrived at present, is the flight of time, time flies like a shuttle., suddenly look back, how much pride and shame is still in the dim light. However, year after year of life history rewritten, updated every day, a new year, has come into our life, good years of writing a new chapter, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, I to the new Qi all employees and their families, friends, new year's greetings and sincere wish: I wish you all in the new year, all I hope we can, all the dreams can be realized, all expectation all can appear, all able to pay cash!
Looking back at the time, Shao Hua dark change. In 2011, coming into our memories; through the past, just wipe the sweat and struggle, looking back a smile of triumph is unfolding journey, wanted to meet, taste the glory road moved outlook tomorrow, we will go together. Although the years. Since, the diligence. The opportunity contain fascinating, work achievement, I believe, our new Qi people, will be through the journey, leaving his own wonderful.
Law of rejuvenation warming, mountains and rivers will. New year, new weather, new journey. A new hope, we put the footprints left yesterday, we use action to grasp today, we use the struggle to shape tomorrow, the new year, the opportunities and challenges coexist, the glory and the dream! A day of morning, the plans for the year in spring, New Year bell, is sailing on the call, the dawn, is urging the horn, with Tao Yuanming a little poem with you this:" prime is not heavy, the day can no longer morning, when encouraged timely, time and tide wait for no man".
Once again wish: everyone happy new year, all wishes come true, dreams come true! Work life BBK, do anything! Good luck in the year of the dragon.

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